April 12, 2024

Intro to Permaculture Workshop

Permaculture is an ecological design system often associated with gardening and agriculture but can be used in a much broader sense as a guiding principle for life. It’s inspired by the inherently sustainable ecosystems of the natural world and pays close attention to finding the most efficient use of precious resources, whether that’s water, energy or your own time and money.

In this overview, Hamish Evans will spend the morning giving an introduction to permaculture and it’s main principles and ethics before going on to discuss how you might apply these to your own life and gardening practices.

After lunch we will head outside to see how Bath City Farm use some of these ideas in practice and we will learn how to use a permaculture lens to view the gardens, farm and world. Permaculture is a huge subject so this day will only be able to give you an overview but will be ideal if you are curious to know a little more or are considering whether to take a Permaculture Design Certificate or similar. We will provide you with a list of resources and guidance should you wish to do further study.

Hamish Evans is Head Grower at Middle Ground Growers, and, along with three others, has set up Weston Spring Farm, a new 15.5 acre ecological farm in Bath designed with permaculture principles. He has worked on permaculture projects around the world from New Zealand to Palestine. He lives on a solar powered barge and is deeply committed to land regeneration and growing food for his community.

Lunch can be bought from our cafe or you are welcome to bring a packed lunch.

Accessible toilets are in the main office building and the cafe.

There are 3 options for tickets to cover the costs. Please pay what you can.

Event Details

Dates & Times
April 12, 2024


Starts at: 10:00 am

Finishes: 4:00 pm


Bath City Farm

Kelston View, Whiteway, Bath BA2 1NW

Tickets & Booking
There are 3 options for tickets to cover the cost. Please pay what you can.
Illustration of a pig by Jess Knights
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To find out more, call the farm office on 01225 481 269 or email info@bathcityfarm.org.uk.