NEW three year strategy launched

The team at Bath City Farm are thrilled to launch a new three year strategic plan outlining plans for its next three years of development.

Members of staff, trustees and volunteers all came together in 2021 to collaborate and share ideas, knowledge and wisdom to feed into the plan. The result is a 16 page document which contains six strategic aims for the farm from 2022 to 2024.

The farm’s vision is to create a healthy community rooted in nature, food, farming and each other.

The mission is that we are a welcoming urban farm using our unique setting and targeted projects to educate, improve wellbeing and transform lives.

The first strategic aim is to become a centre for wellbeing for the people of Bath. The second strategic aim is to deliver a rich and inclusive programme of educational and lifelong learning opportunities that connect people with the story of food, farming and the natural world.

The third strategic aim is to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of our 37 acres, becoming a beacon of excellence in the city. The fourth strategic aim is to produce high quality, affordable, nutritious food, generating new income streams to be invested in the farm’s social activities.

The fifth strategic aim is to develop the farm as a visitor destination, with a focus on building a strong network of passionate farm advocates. And the sixth strategic aim is to grow resilient and sustainable communities by working with existing and new partners across Bath.

Members of the staff team and trustees recently met for a strategic away day to discuss how to bring the new strategy to life, and to start the work of developing an operational plan.

Please read a copy of the strategic plan by downloading it below.

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