The Farm’s proposed new café – great news and a big step forward

We’re very pleased to announce that the planning application for the Farm’s proposed new café was approved by BaNES Council on 26 April.

Many thanks to Ann and Rhodri at Hetreed Ross Architects for their design work and for submitting the application on our behalf.

This is great news – a really big step towards achieving our ambition for a café that will offer year-round opening, be a place to eat and have a drink whatever the weather, and allow us to involve our volunteers in preparing, cooking and selling what the Farm produces.

Of course, this needs to be followed by a huge fundraising effort to secure the several hundred thousand pounds we’re going to need to get it built – but that will be a topic for a future blog post.

After the AGM on Saturday afternoon (28th April) we’ll have the café drawings and the computer graphics available for you to have a look at again, and we’ll be asking you to help us with ideas about how we can start to climb that fundraising mountain.

Malcolm Dodds Trustee

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