Writing competition

To celebrate 25 years of Bath City Farm, we would like to give you a challenge to share your imagination with the world.

We are very excited to launch the Bath City Farm Writing Challenge:

What is it about Bath City Farm that gets you buzzing like the bees?
How does the farm inspire you to grow strong and wise like the trees?
What do the animals get up to that nobody sees?

Sharpen your pencils, bristle your brushes or fire up your typing contraption because it’s time to get your creative writing juices flowing!
Enter our challenge with a piece of writing that makes you proud: it can be in any form you like, but should be no more that 250 words. It could be an imaginative story, a comic strip, a memory, a poem, or even a piece of art made from words. This is your opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

There are three prizes up for grabs…
For ages 0-7… You can win a free animal feeding session for you and 4 friends
For ages 7-15… You can win a free animal handling session for you and 4 friends
For ages 16 and above – win free tea and cake at the café for you and 4 friends, as well as a tour of our animals.

Entries must include your name, contact email or phone number and your age with your entry. To submit your entry, please take a photo or scan your entry and email it to info@bathcityfarm.org.uk, using the subject heading BCF Writing Challenge.

For ideas, inspiration or to access free online writing workshops, visit www.roomtowritebristol.com

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