Farm meat for sale

Bath City Farm free range meat available to buy now.

– packs of 8 plain pork sausages
– packs of 8 cider apple and pork sausages
– 1kg bags of sausage meat, perfect for home made sausage rolls
– and pork belly joints available.

Prices are done by weight per kg.

– packs of sausages £8.30 per kg
– sausage meat £8.00 per kg
– pork belly joints £8.99 per kg

For a limited time period we are selling meat hampers for £50, which is a 10% discount than buying it individually. Each hamper contains;

  • 2kg of sausages (roughly 20-25 sausages)
  • 2 pork belly joints
  • 2kg of sausage meat
  • selection of farm grown herbs

Pop in today to purchase your meat, and support local sustainable farming.

We are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9-5pm. Please adhere to social distance guidelines when coming to collect –  one household member, with a face covering and card payments preferred.

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