New pig enclosure

If you visited the farm recently, you probably noticed that the pig enclosure was starting to look very tired. During the lockdown one of our pigs managed to escape as they broke through the rotten fence. And although Pammy enjoyed her little escapade, it wasn’t something that could happen again.

NFU Mutual with Helen Fisher Farm Manager. 

We desperately needed to build a new enclosure to keep visitors and the pigs safe. However, with the impact of the lockdown, we didn’t have the funds available to pay for it.

Thanks to the kind generosity of Bath Hospital Cricket Club, NFU Mutual and Crossman Homes – work to build a new enclosure is now underway.

Crossman Homes donate building materials for the pig pen. 

Bath Hospitals Cricket Club donated £1021 of their club funds to our charity, NFU Mutual gave us £900 from their Community Giving Fund, and Crossman Homes donated generous supplies of building materials – together they have made it all possible.

Our new pen enclosure will be made from concrete breeze blocks, as it will last longer and can withstand the pigs scratching – they love a good scratch against a hard surface. We will create windows in the pen wall so that children and visitors can see the pigs and our educational visits remain interactive.

A big, warm thank you Bath Hospital Cricket Club, NFU Mutual and Crossman Homes, who without you this project wouldn’t be possible. Thank you.

Bath Hospital Cricket Club. Top Left, Back Row – Jason Humphries (Secretary) Richard Stockley (Treasurer) Phil Chant (Chairman) Bottom Row – Billy Minchin, Brian Wetten, Gordon Humphries (President) Photo taken: summer of 2018.

It costs £850 a day to run the farm. If you, or your business, would like to know more about how you can get involved and support our charity please get in touch. 

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