Oxford Sandy and Black rare breeds

Our new piglets at the farm are enjoying wallowing in the mud pits to keep cool in this hot and dry weather. We have five new sows joining us on the farm.

Oxford Sandy & Black pigs are a rare breed pig, enjoying a comeback from the brink of extinction in the mid 1980’s, when just 15 boars and 62 sows remained.

Numbers have increased since then and we are pleased to have them at Bath City Farm. Our competition to name the pigs at our Summer Fun Day was well supported with lots of exciting options. We’ll be announcing those new names soon.

Our pigs enjoy rooting about in the grassy area within their pens. They prefer to eat our special pig food rather than scraps from home. So we ask that you don’t feed the pigs so it does not upset their bellies.

If you would like to help us keep the pigs, for food and bedding and vets bills you can adopt an animal. Check out the form to download from this website. We’ll send you a lovely picture, a certificate and a thank you letter. Then we’ll invite you to visit the farm from one of our ‘Meet the Animals’ special events for adopters in April and September to get to meet the pigs, and all the animal at the farm.

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