Ever heard of #Bathrocks ?

Bath City Farm are loving this public art project. They exist all over the country – in Bath they call themselves #Bathrocks.

People are painting rocks with all sorts of patterns and styles, showing off some wonderful artistic talents. The kids are getting involved too with splodges and dots patterns. Some like to varnish their rocks so they stand the weather. Then they mark the back with FB for facebook and Bathrocks. Some put a name too. We’ve noticed #sarah on the one we found at the farm recently. Sarah has painted our logo.

Then you go hide your rock. They are hiden all over Bath. Somewhere where the children can find them. Maybe on the school route or in the play park. We are loving our visitors hiding their rocks on the farm. When you find one you take a photo, post it on facebook to @bathrocks and add the #name. Then go and rehide it, maybe here at the farm or in a different park. Some people post picture clues where they have been hidden and post that on facebook too.  Anyone can join in. There’s no money involved, just people having fun with public art.

There was even a rock painting event at Bath Central Library recently to paint your own rocks. Keep an eye out for another one of those.

So on your next visit to the farm – see if you can find a #bathrocks rock. Add @bathcityfarm to your post so we can see it too!

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