One small change

Earlier this year we watched David Attenborough showing us how plastics are affecting our planet and we decided to do something about it. Our café used to sell bottled water in plastic bottles, which we recycled. We have decided to switch to offering free glasses or cups of water to our café customers instead. We are very happy to fill up reusable containers from the tap.

It’s one small change to how we run things at the farm that we hope will be a positive move towards saving our planet’s precious wildlife.
We’ve also ditched the plastic straws. Once the existing box has finished we’ll switch to paper straws – or better still – no straws with our drinks.

So what can we challenge you to change? One small change can go a long way.

2 thoughts on “One small change”

  1. Hi there – just wondered if you’re aware of Biopac?

    They produce wholly compostable food and drink containers. I picked up one of their ‘I am not a plastic up’ a while ago from some local festival and keep it to remind me of how we can find products other than plastic. Although you need to order in some bulk, it should be possible to put in a combined order with a few other organisations also wanting to go down the ‘no plastic’ path. I haven’t looked into the environmental impact of their whole production chain but at least the end product won’t end up polluting the environment.


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