We won

Last night we had the pleasure of presenting our project, Training at the Trough, to a room of local business men and women. Training at the Trough is one of the projects we run at the farm and it exists to provides people with learning disabilities a workplace catering and customer service experience.

Bath Soup Project, which is hosted by the Volunteer Centre, has a similar set up to Dragon’s Den. We had 5 minutes to give a pitch, that convinced people to vote for our project. We were up against some very strong and worthy projects, such as Inner Flame, Keynsham Mencap, Jessie May and Genesis Trust. When it was announced that we had won, we were surprised and delighted.

The money received will be used to purchase professional catering equipment such as non-stick saucepans, large mixing bowls, weighing scales, knifes, crockery, aprons, hair nets, etc. We want our volunteers to feel that they are part of a professional catering kitchen, which is why we would like to buy new equipment instead of relying on used homeware donations.

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